Monday, June 23, 2014

Oooh So Shiny!

So this is how my emotions work now...

We are getting a new fridge delivered today! Brand new shiny bells and whistles fridge. So excited I actually spent the weekend cleaning the garage so we can move the old fridge there. But last night the realization hit me...all the fridge pics will have to go. And the boo hoos began.

Since we brought Sophie home, one of our nightly routines has been the walk around the fridge and the naming of the pictures. Christmas cards, favorite snapshots, school pictures all secured by my collection of weird celebrity magnets. For the first few months, Tom would point to each picture and narrate. Then Sophie started picking the pictures by pointing. Now she participates, naming her cousins, me, Tom. The best is when she gets to a picture of herself. For a few weeks, she would jab her little finger into her tummy saying "That's You" but now she's figured out it is actually "That's Me" instead.

Now they are all gone. Young Elvis, Skyler and Davis, Carter and Ava, The Swanns, Fonzie, Stacy, Jason, Violet and Nicolas, Charlie's Angels, Mommy's Daddy, Old Elvis. Just a blank ugly almond fridge waiting to be moved outside. Mommy is devastated. Even my Kiss magnet looks sad.

None of this has been particularly traumatic to Soph. As we got our breakfast this morning, she stood in front of the fridge for a few seconds before saying "Hey!" and that was it, she went about the business of emptying the big tub of stuffed animals. For Soph, it was just another Monday. As it should be.

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