Friday, June 20, 2014

Donnie and the Monkey Man

When I was in my late teens/early twenties, I baby sat two of the funniest little blonde baby girls you could imagine. Amanda and sweet Hope made me laugh so hard so often that my ribs hurt. Those girls loved barbies and the New Kids on the Block (this was before they were NKOTB). Most girls loved Joey or Jordan. But Hope, she loved Danny bless her heart. When I wanted to tease Hope, I would name all of the other "kids" and then say "and the Monkey Man." Went a little something like this "Joey and Jon and Jordan and Donnie and the Monkey Man."

Later in life, I would work with two different young women in two different record stores that seriously honest to PETE followed NKOTB around the country when they were teens. Like, their mothers drove them from state to state, helped them find the hotels where the band would stay, took FAMILY VACATIONS to Boston and then sat outside houses for hours waiting for one of the kids. One of those girls is actually in the video for "Hanging Tough."

Flash forward almost 20 years and I'm watching NKOTB on Palladia while my 4 month old is relaxing with her 6am bottle. The hubby stands in the doorway and watches and we both agree "Remix" is a real toe tapper. Even Sophie tried to sit up and watch. As the hubbo left the room, he asked "Is it weird that I really like the New Kids?" I think his college roommate had the best answer to that question: It is only weird when you admit it.

And sweet sweet Hopey, you were right, Danny is the hot one:)

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