Friday, May 30, 2014

Four Formats

My dad had an 8 track player in his truck when I was a kid. I remember singing with The Association and The Turtles. I think he actually had a tape that had the "Best Of" for each group. And I remember an Olivia Newton John tape that was one of her country albums. My daddy always did the bass line on "Let Me Be There" and I still think that song is funky, I don't care what anyone thinks!

I'm so old that I actually had an 8 track cassette adapter in my first car. Seriously, my car had an 8 track player! And of course the little briefcase I kept under the seat full of all my treasured cassettes that I just couldn't travel without, you had to have the cassette storage case. I can only imagine what my kid is going to say about cassettes, cds, VHS tapes?

Anyway, this isn't the most famous Michael Jackson album BUT it is the first album I owned on vinyl, cassette, compact disc and MP3. So put on your roller skates, you know you love it too!

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