Friday, December 12, 2014

It's You and Me Forever

There is a certain demographic of women who turn up the radio whenever a Hall & Oates song comes on. We danced too many slow dances to "One on One" or maybe it is because "Because Your Kiss" still reminds us of the first boy we ever REALLY kissed. And we all have a secret silly dance we do when we hear "You Make My Dreams Come True." Sigh...seriously the soundtrack of high school for me.

Most of the women I know in that demographic love Joan Osborne. She is one of the really cool girls from the Grrrl Power days of the mid 90s. And for those of us with super curly hair, she is also a superficial hero. And she toured with the DEAD, come on!

So here's a best of both worlds Friday jam. And if you are going to be snuggling up to a honey dip tonight, just grab the entire album. AWESOME!

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And for kicks and giggles

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