Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tell Her She’s Your Moon and Sun

My kid is a good sleeper. Since we brought her home from the hospital almost 2 years ago, she's averaged 12 hours of sleep a night. Until she was 16 months old, we had 2 naps each day that were at least an hour. I feel really smug saying this but seriously, the first couple of months she was here, we woke her up at night for a bottle. Our pediatrician told us we were crazy and we needed to stop waking up a sleeping infant. So yeah, she's slept through the night since she was 3 months old.

When she was a few months old, we would do her morning bottle on the sofa watching music videos. It relaxed us both and made for a nice easy transition to day time activities. And this was one of Sophie's favorites. I don't know if it was the clapping or the cowbell or just the undeniable likability of those dang Hanson brothers. She was tiny but she would stop everything and just listen. Then the song was over and she would go back to whatever baby thing she had been doing. I played the song this morning and she danced like her feet were on FIRE...seriously, I see Irish step dance in her future.

The best part? If she turns into one of those dark brooding teens, I get to play this song to her over and over. We've even got video to prove how much she loves this silly song!

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