Monday, August 25, 2014

I Know the Nervous Walking

I made a late night trip to the grocery on Friday. My thought was knock it out while the baby is sleeping and then I won't have to do it on Saturday. That's a Friday night when you have a kid under two. On the way home, I passed a boy and girl, leaned against the door of a car parked by the curb in front of a house on my block. It was 11:08 and I feel pretty sure my headlights either interrupted or delayed a good night kiss.

I invented the entire back story, sophomore girl, probably junior boy, home after the first football game of the season. Maybe even a first date. And of course I had to let out the oh so cliche deep sigh, thinking how nights like those seemed like yesterday but also felt like a lifetime had passed since someone walked me up the steps to my parents house. And then I had the unexpected groan as I realized soon enough, it would be my daughter leaning against the car of some yucky gross stinky boy while I flashed the front porch lights...

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