Friday, July 25, 2014

Doesn't Have to be a Friday

I worked at a record store, at an awesome record store to be exact. I even worked with the actual Record Lady from the Lyle Lovett song. I loved it, I miss The Sound Shop to this day.

I also love Paul Westerberg. I love The Replacements, I love his solo stuff. I go on kicks where I listen to Westerberg for days. So when "Eventually" was released, I was super pumped. When we received all the promotional swag, I got busy creating a SHRINE. A couple of quick Westerberg facts: he is notoriously cranky, "snotty contrarian" is the best term ever and it was used to describe him. And according to several interviews, he isn't comfortable being recognized.

Store display-wise, everything was really coming together, only half of it was coming together on the floor and half was coming together on the wall. As I was in a full The Thinker pose contemplating my next poster placement, someone stepped past with an "Oh excuse me." If you guessed it was Paul Westerberg, you would be correct. I tried to scoop everything up quickly and fake a little dignity and composure. I'm still not sure what he bought but as I put his purchase in the bag, I thanked him and wished him a Good Day. As we walked away from the counter, I had to follow up with "It's any day that you're alive..." and he laughed out loud but kept on walking.

True story, my Wall of Westerberg won a display contest from the record label, $50 cash and that ain't bad. A good day indeed people!

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